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Crew Members


Crew Member Shifts Consignor Only (0 Shifts) 1 shift (4 hours) 2 shifts (8 hours) 3 shifts (12 hours) 4 shifts (16 hours) 5+ shifts (20 hours)
Retained % of Sales 65%  65% 70% 75% 75% 80%
Presale Shopping Time 3:00pm 2:00pm 1:30pm 1:00pm 12:30pm 12:00pm
1/2 Price Presale Shopping Time 6:00pm 5:30pm 5:30pm 5:30pm 5:00pm 5:00pm

What do Crew Members do at itty bitty?

Crew members are involved with a variety of activities including, but not limited to:


Set-up & Tear down

  • Unload & load trailers (e.g., clothing racks, organizing bins, etc.)
  • Set-up & take down clothing racks, shelving, tables

Consignor Drop-Off

  • Check-in and inspect consignor inventory.
  • Sort, organize, and place items in designated spaces.
  • Place hanging items on racks by type, size, and gender.
  • Assist with organization of the sale floor as directed.

Sale Days

  • Monitor the sale floor and assist shoppers as needed.
  • Return and organize displaced or unwanted items.
  • Assist with large-ticket items.
  • Assist shoppers preparing to check out.
  • Some days are slower than others, good shift for self-starters who can find tasks to do when it is slow.

End of Sale

  • Tear down sale
  • .Check-out consignors after they find their items by double checking they are leaving with only their items.
  • Gather and box up donations

Crew Member Guidelines

We (shoppers, consignors, and staff) rely heavily on our Crew Members and their assistance in maintaining a high quality sale. All helpers must show up ready to help in order to create a great experience for customers and sellers. We are looking for hard working, willing, and abled bodies who WANT to give some of their valuable time to do good work and do it right.

  • Shift Length: Each shift is four hours. All shifts are first come, first serve. The entire shift must be worked to receive associated perks.
  • Children: Children are not allowed to accompany Crew members during their shift. If you are a nursing mom, working mom, or have child care difficulties, email consign@ittybittyboutique.com for split or custom shift times.
  • Arrival & Attire: Arrive on time. Dress comfortably, wear comfortable shoes, and be ready to get right to work after receiving your assignment.

Breaks: Depending on your shift length, bring your own snack and/or beverage to make it through.

Crew Scheduling

Crew Members should schedule their own drop-offs prior to or after a working shift, not during

  • Before the Sale: If the shift you would like is already filled, check back periodically to see if the schedule changes or the shift opens up (especially in the week leading up to the event). If your schedule changes, you should return to your consignor account and remove yourself to open the shift to another member.
  • During the Sale: If you fail to show for a scheduled shift without notice, you will not be eligible for any subsequent shifts and your Crew member benefits will be adjusted accordingly: Sales percentage will decrease to 60% and you will not be allowed to be a part of the Crew at any future event.

In the event of an emergency, call or text the Event Coordinator at (541) 525-9035 ASAP. If no notice is given about a missed shift your percentage will decrease to 60%

Be a Part Of Our Crew!

Our Crew Members are the reason we can put on an event of this magnitude! We depend on our itty bitty Crew; they are our family and the heart of itty bitty! The more we grow, the more we are determined to invest in quality Crew Members! Crew Members are rewarded for their time by getting to shop FIRST and getting a higher commission on their items sold!  You must be a consignor in order to help out at our event!

Some consignors help out purely to shop early, while other consignors help out to make more money! Whatever your motivation may be, we WANT and NEED your help in making the sale the best it can be! If you can’t find a shift that works for you, please let us know. We are happy to create a custom shift just for you.

Each Crew Member Shift is four hours and all shifts are first come, first serve. Log into your Consignor Account to view and sign-up for the shifts you would like. If the shift you are wanting is not available, be sure to check back, especially the week before sale week. Many times schedules change and shifts will open up at the last minute.

Please note: If you sign up for a shift and participate in shopping at the pre-sale, then do not show up for your scheduled shift(s), and we cannot reschedule you for another shift. Your sales percentage will be reduced to 60% and you will be unable to help at future sales. We know this sounds harsh but signing up and NOT showing up is far worse than not signing up at all. It is not fair to our other committed Crew Members who complete their shifts.

Why you should JOIN our Crew!

  • Shop FIRST to grab the best deals!
  • Earn more for your items!
  • Enjoy time with amazing moms that become friends! After all, we have the BEST crew in all of Oregon!

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Sun, Sept. 22nd, 9:00am – 2:00pm

Lane Events Center
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Safety Pin Sales

Itty bitty boutique carries high-quality, 1.5 inch pins that do not leave holes! These pins, available for registered consignors, are much better than dollar store pins that tend to bend and break.

Bags in 100-pin increments are sold at $1.00 each plus shipping and handling. Order your safety pin supplies via PayPal below:

How many bags?

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