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Will be updated soon with our Fall Dates! 
Located in Eugene, Oregon, itty bitty boutique Kids' Consignment Sale was created to cater to families on a budget, as ours are.  We give Consignors the opportunity to earn cash for their kid-related items no longer in use, and our bargain-minded shoppers outfit their children for a fraction of what they would spend in retail stores!
Our sales are bi-annual, as we set up a temporary "shop" for one week in the spring and fall of each year.  Each sale includes seasonal items, such as clothes and shoes, as well as a variety of items that are not specific to a season, such as toys, books and videos, baby gear, children's furniture, and more.
  Read on to discover how consignment can benefit your family! 

We are very proud of our alliance with FAAPA of Lane County!  FAAPA stands for Foster and Adoptive Parent Association, and provides support and training to the over 600 foster families in Lane County that care for the abused and neglected children who are removed from their homes and placed in temporary care.  Many consignors choose to donate their unsold items at the end of the sale to FAAPA, for distribution to children in need. We also provide an opportunity for customers to make monetary donations to the Organization by rounding up their totals at cheek-out. 100% of the donations collected will go directly to FAAPA! 

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Click the ladybug to print the Sale Flyer!
Click the ladybug to print the Sale Flyer!