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What to Bring

Consignors must have a minimum of 20 acceptable items of any type, or 3 large item (furniture, outdoor play structure, stroller system, etc). Or a minimum of $50 worth of items to sell.  If you have only a few items to submit, however, we ask that you consider whether your potential commission is enough to make the cost of participation worthwhile to you.  Every Consignor benefits from that which the consignor fees help to cover: the nine-day venue rental, advertising expenses, equipment and supplies necessary to execute the event, etc.  For this reason, we are unable to waive the administration fee for those who choose not to submit many items for sale, or do not sell many of the items they do bring.  Thank you for your understanding our need to cover expenses. 

PLEASE carefully review the following lists of Item LimitsItems that ARE Accepted, and Items that ARE NOT Accepted before spending time tagging goods for sale.   

To Participate...
Items That ARE Accepted...
Infant clothing sized 12 months and smaller is limited to 10 pieces per size for each gender. 
    *10 items in 0-3m, 10 items in 3m, 10 items in 3-6mo, 10 items in 6mo, and so on. All other children's sizes are unlimited.  Multiple garments prepared on one hanger (ex. a two-piece outfit or a set of three sleepers) will be counted as one item. 

Children's shoes are limited to 10 of your best pairs, regardless of size or gender.  10 pairs total per consignor 

Books- we ask that you bring your 30 best books or 30 bundles! 

That's it!  You may bring as many items from the other categories as you would like!  Toys sell especially well, so please take the time to clear out your toy bins and play rooms!
Item Limits...
We expect Consignors to accept responsibility for ensuring that the items they submit to sell meet the current safety guidelines outlined by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.  

The Consignor Agreement is a requirement of participation, and includes a statement that sellers are not knowingly submitting any item that has been recalled.  Consignors who submit beds for children to sleep in (play yards/pack 'n plays, bassinets, Moses baskets) or child restraint devices (infant carriers, carseats, booster seats) MUST sign an additional waiver at Drop-Off, indicating that they have ACTIVELY RESEARCHED those items to ensure they have not been recalled. 

Click on the box below to visit the Recall Finder page of our website and 

We encourage you to stay abreast of all child-related product recalls by subscribing to the Consumer Product Safety Commission's email list below.
  • Children's clothing, infant through size 18, gently used or new with tags 
          (Spring-Summer only; infant sizes limited as                       outlined above)

  • Clean children's shoes in like-new condition, including cleats, dance shoes, etc 
           (Spring-Summer only; limit 10 BEST pairs- no             boots (except rain boots)

  • Children's furniture in good working order - changing tables, toddler beds, activity tables, glider rockers, highchairs, etc 

  • Baby equipment - pack 'n plays, strollers, exersaucers, playgyms, bouncer seats, baby carriers, etc 

  • Carseats, infant carriers and booster seats UNDER five years old
           Please research these devices to be sure that                          they have not been recalled. Nothing                      manufactured before 2014.

  • Nursery items - clean, gently used bedding, Boppy pillows, monitors, mobiles, etc 

  • Kids' toys, including small ones like action figures and blocks, as well as large ones like play kitchens and rocking horses
             All toys must be in good working order, with                    batteries included; no broken or missing                              pieces and CLEAN

  • Pretend play, dress-up clothes

  • Very gently loved dolls 

  • Sports equipment, clean and in like-new condition 

  • Children's bikes, ride-on toys and wagons in GREAT condition and CLEAN. No flat tires.

  • Books, including children's storybooks and chapter books, as well as those on pregnancy, childbirth and childcare- the limit on  the number of books you can bring is  30 books per consignor!

  • Children's games and puzzles, with all associated pieces. Puzzles pieces MUST be counted!! $5 fee deducted from check if missing pieces/parts

  • Electronics, including Leap Pads, Wii/Nintendo/Playstation systems and games, handheld video games, etc. With working batteries! 

  • Movies on DVD & BluRay (NO VHS) 

  • Any kid-related item in good condition!

  • Cloth Diapers in excellent condition! 

  • Breast pumps that are designed for multiple users and operate on a closed system, meaning that it is impossible for milk to reach the motor: Please research your model. Very few are able to be resold. 

All furniture must be assembled at Camp Harlow during Consignor Drop-Off. If you are in doubt as to whether a large item is acceptable for the sale, you may email us pictures for pre-approval before you drop-off. Please research these items to be sure that they have not been recalled.

Items NOT Accepted...
  • Clothing that is dated, out of season, stained, torn, faded, has missing buttons or broken zippers (outdated would be more than 6 years old!) 

  • Any recalled item
            Check the Consumer Product Safety                                   Commission's website if in doubt about a                                  particular item 

  • Cribs, due to recent safety concerns, recalls, and changing standards, no cribs accepted. 

  • INFANT BATHTUBS - new federal safety standards prohibit us from selling bathtubs manufactured before Oct. 2nd, 2017. 

  • MATERNITY CLOTHES - due to a lack of interest and very low sales, we have decided to not accept maternity clothes at our Spring Sale. 

  • Ring-Sling style infant carriers, due to recent safety concerns and recalls

  • Crib Bedding Sets. We have found that they do not sell very well and they take up a lot of space to display. Crib sheets, blankets, mattress covers, are OK! But no bumpers, or comforter/quilts are accepted.

  • Small Magnetic toys, due to safety concerns and recalls 

  • T-shirts from schools, camps, sporting events, vacation spots, etc. 
           Basic t-shirts  or those that coordinate with                       outfits are accepted 

  • Basic white onesies, unless new in original packaging 
           We will accept printed or embellished onesies                   and ones that are part of an outfit

  • Adult clothing,  NO junior/adult sizes. Must have a numbered size up to youth 18/20. No Small, Medium, Large sizing.

  • Used bottles, sippy cups, plates, utensils, teething toys, pacifiers or nipples. Anything that food comes in contact with is not accepted.

  • Stuffed animals & Beanie Babies & Build-a-Bear are NOT accepted. 
            We WILL accept those that "do" something,                       like Tickle Me Elmo or ones that make noise. No               build-a-bear this year!

  • Underwear
           Unless NEW in original packaging 

  • Potty seats/chairs
           Unless NEW in original packaging

  • Diaper pails 

  • Battery operated items without working batteries 

  • Carseats, booster seats or infant carriers older than five years, those that have been in an accident, or those that have been recalled 

  • Items that were acquired for free or were gifts with purchase such as kids meal toys, activity kits from home improvement stores, coloring books from restaurants, etc

  • Anything broken or with missing parts 

  • Breast pumps that are intended for single users and operate on an open system- please research your specific pump to see if it is a single user pump. The most common ones are not labeled for multiple users even with new tubing & parts. 

  • VHS tapes & Cassettes 

  • NO household items