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Tagging Info

Consignors LOVE the benefits of our Tag Creator!

Easier Tagging...
The online tag creator helps you to format tags for all of your items in the blink of an eye! The system "remembers" words and phrases that you've typed in before (such as brand names, item descriptions, etc) and offers suggestions as you type so you can quickly finish each tag!

Item Inventory...
Once you have entered your items into the tag creator, the system will generate a report of your inventory and track which items sold and which did not.  Unsold items remain in your inventory from sale to sale...simply move them from "inactive" to "active" status to include them in the current sale. You may choose to edit the item (it is suggested that you lower the price, since it did not sell at that pricepoint during the previous sale) and reprint the tag, or just leave it as is and resubmit the item.

Estimate Earnings...
Sale organizers have the ability to upload reports periodically during the course of the sale so that Consignors are able to see approximately how much their sales total to date!

Security for your Items...
Occasionally a tag will become separated from an item.  Our system has a wonderful item look-up function where we can enter a couple of key words to determine which Consignor has the particular item in his/her inventory, allowing it to quickly make it back to the sales floor! But in order for this to work, consignors need to use good descriptions on their tags!

Online Tag Creator...
Tagging Instructions...
For efficiency sake, we recommend preparing all of your items per the instructions on the Preparing Items for Sale page before sitting down at the computer to create tags.  Don't worry, you can always create additional tags later if you find more treasures, but having the bulk ready at one time will expedite matters!  

It is also STRONGLY suggested that you group items by category, size, and gender (in the case of clothing and shoes) before beginning.  While working in the Tag Creator, the size, item category, price, donate and discount fields will remain the same until you change them.  Be sure to double-check that the inventory you've entered represents your wishes for your items in regard to before printing tags.  

When you are ready to enter inventory, log on to the online Tag Creator using the consignor number and password you received when you registered, and begin entering your inventory.
Click   HERE   to login to your Consignor Homepage:

* Access Tag Creator
*  Work With Inventory
* Schedule Drop-Off Appt
*  Choose Worker Shifts
*  Unregister for Sale


 NO handwritten tags will be accepted. 

We think you'll love all the functions our automated system has to offer and highly encourage you email us if you have any questions or concerns after giving it a try!  It is very easy to use and allows us to better keep track of all of the inventory at the sales. 

Any tags that have handwriting on them will not be accepted.
The Tag Creator will format your Consignor information and consigned inventory into tags that look like the one pictured on the left.  The tags will be formatted six to a page and MUST BE PRINTED IN BLACK INK ON CARDSTOCK!!  DO NOT USE REGULAR COPY PAPER!  Please use white or pastel cardstock and avoid those with texture, embellishments, or bright, saturated colors.  All of these will prevent the barcodes from scanning, which drastically slows down our checkout lines.
Size:  Sizes must be numerical, as clothing and shoes will be organized in number order on the sales floor- no Small, Medium, Large. The tag creator will stay in the same item category and size that you have selected until you change it.  Entering inventory will go much more quickly if you enter, for example, all of your boys' 0-3 months clothing first, then boys' 3-6 months, etc. until you have finished with boy clothes. Then change your tags to reflect girls' clothing and enter them in size order before changing your category to shoes, and so on. This method will also put you one step ahead in regard to Consignor Drop-Off, because you'll have everything sorted into size and category, just as requested! 

Description:  The description field gives you an opportunity to give information about the item...the brand name, what it is used for, what pieces are included, etc. In the case of a more expensive item, such as a piece of furniture or a stroller system, it is sometimes helpful to include the original retail price, thereby demonstrating to the shopper what a good deal it is.  The Consignor may also occasionally provide a comment or extra bit of information about the item, such as, "jacket is reversible," or "instructions included in the box."  The online tag creator does not allow much room in the description field (only 2 lines, 24 characters on each line), but you can use an index card to attach a separate handwritten tag if necessary.

Price - Consignors set their own prices using only whole dollar increments (no items under $1.00).  Once you have entered the price for an item, the tag creator will print that same price for subsequent tags until you change the price again. A general rule for pricing items is to calculate 25-40% of the original retail price paid.  When deciding on price points, the Consignor should keep in mind the popularity, brand, and condition of the item. Consignors are encouraged to price items at the level they would be willing to pay for them in their current gently used state.  You may consult the Pricing Guide below if you need help determining approximate ranges to work within.

ND or No Discount - On Half Price Day, the last day of the sale, anything that Consignors have not marked "ND (No Discount)" will be sold at half of the price listed on the card.  If you check the discount box for a particular item in the tag creator, you are indicating that that item can be sold for 50% off the tagged price if it has not sold before the Half-Price Day. Leaving the discount box unchecked will print "ND" on the tag. The system keeps track of this information, and if your item is sold at half-price, you will see this in your report at the end of the sale.  If the Consignor is planning on donating the item to charity if it does not sell, it will automatically go to discount in the system. That way the consignor has the potential to earn more instead of not selling the item at all. 

Donate:  At the end of the sale, any unsold items will be sorted back out into Consignor number order so that individuals may easily come to Consignor Pick-Up (Monday March 12th, 3:00om-6:00pm) and grab their piles.  At that time, Consignors often choose to donate some or all of their unsold items to CASA/FAAPA for the benefit of foster children in Lane County.  If you know in advance that you will donate a particular item if it does not sell, please check the "Donate" field when you create the tag for that item, and we will take care of getting it to a child in need!  If you leave the "Donate" field unchecked, it will be returned to you at Consignor Pick-Up if it does not sell during the course of the event.

The Do's and Don'ts of Tagging...
The Do's:

  • DO print on white or light pastel CARDSTOCK
  • DO print in BLACK ink
  • DO use the Print Preview, once your tags have been formatted, to ensure that they are set to print at 100% (smaller will make the barcodes unable to be scanned; larger will make the barcodes for the last two tags print on the next page)
  • DO check to be sure that all of your items' tags reflect your wishes in regard to discount and donation
  • DO enter your inventory prior to 11:59pm on Friday March 2nd, as the system will be disabled to the public after that time in order to switch to sale mode. You may still print your tags after it closes. Any last minute items you find for "ibb Reloaded" on Friday March 9th will need to be entered prior to midnight on Friday the 2nd, as well. If you are short on time, use that time to enter as many items as you can into your inventory before 11:59pm ON FRIDAY March 2nd. Tags may still be printed after that time for inclusion to "ibb Reloaded".
The Dont's:
  • DON'T print on regular weight computer paper or designer cardstock with texture or saturated colors
  • DON'T reduce or enlarge the size of the tags, as it will make the barcodes unable to be scanned
  • DON'T change the margin settings on your printer in the printer setup dialogs
  • DON'T print in the "high quality" setting...the normal setting will print better barcodes
  • DON'T print with a cartridge that is low on ink, tags will not scan.
  • DON'T print with a brand-new cartridge until you have run several other documents to reduce the amount of excess ink (too much ink causes the lines of the barcodes to be fuzzy or smear slightly; the scanner needs a crisp barcode to be able to read it)
  • DON'T change item information in the system or on the tag once you have printed that tag; if you want to change an item's price, allow it to go to discount, or change your wishes in regard to donation, you MUST reprint a new tag (before the system is disabled to the public at 11:59pm on Friday March. 2nd)
FRIDAY March 2nd at 11:59pm!