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Preparing Items for Sale

  • Hangers (wire or plastic are fine!) 
  • Plain white or pastel CARDSTOCK to print tags from online tag creator (do NOT use regular copy paper)
  • Scissors or paper trimmer to cut the printed pages of tags apart for individual items
  • One inch or larger safety pins (no stick pins or staples!)
  • Ziploc bags 
  • String or yarn
  • Zip-ties
  • Clear packaging tape
  • Blue painter's tape 
  • Batteries

Suggested Materials...
Preparing Clothing...
PLEASE carefully check your clothing for stains that may have risen while being stored BEFORE hanging and tagging them! We do not want you to waste your time preparing items that WILL be returned to you at drop-off, or later pulled from the sales floor, if a stain is discovered after the sale begins.  Consider how frustrated you would be if you purchased an item at the sale and later discovered that it was stained...please look carefully with that in mind.  Lighting can affect your ability to see stains, so view them by natural light whenever possible.  Stains sometimes rise when clothing is stored, but often a quick wash will remove the stain and the item may still be entered in the sale!  

Clothes should be hung on hangers with the hook pointed to the LEFT as you are looking at the garment. Please use child-sized  hangers for infant and smaller toddler sizes (OR adult wire hangers may be bent down on the sides to adapt them to fit the smaller garments).   Please see the FAQ page for more information on where to find wire hangers.

Tags should be pinned VERTICALLY on the RIGHT side of the garment (through a SEAM or on original tag) with one inch or larger safety pins - no straight pins or tiny gold pins may be used.  If you believe the material would be damaged (as in the case of silk, very lightweight cotton, down, etc) by pinning the tag directly on the garment, please place your tag on the garment's original tag, or at the end of the sleeve on the inside seam.

If shirts or dresses are in danger of sliding off the hanger, it is advisable to pin the shoulders of the garment to the hanger as well.  Items will not sell if they are in a wrinkled heap on the floor!!  Pants should be pinned by the waistband to the top, angled sides of the hanger, do not pin them to the bottom of the hanger, as the pins will slide, causing the garment to look sloppy.

In the case of a two-piece set, first hang the shirt, then turn the hanger over and pin the pants (or skirt) by the waist to the back of the hanger, with the pin catching the hanger to support the pants.  Alternatively, for larger sizes, you may pin the pants to the top, angled sides of the hanger, then slip the shirt over top of the hanger.  A third piece, such as a sweater, may be slipped over the shirt and buttoned/zipped up to keep it on the hanger.  It may also be pinned (through the shoulder seams) on the reverse side of the hanger, so that shoppers may view the outfit from either side, and have the ability to see each individual piece well.

If you are offering multiple garments for one price, as in the case of a set of infant sleepers or mix-and-match coordinates, you may choose to "waterfall" the individual pieces so that they may be neatly presented for shoppers to view.  Hang the first piece on the hanger, as normal.  Pin the second garment to the first, the third piece to the second, in a waterfall fashion.  It is best to pin through seams...pin the shoulder seams of one garment to the underarm seams of the piece hanging above it.

If your garments have coordinating accessories (hats, hairbows, tights, socks, jewelry), it is best to offer them for one price with the outfit, rather than packaging them separately for sale.  You may put the accessories in Ziploc bags, and then attach the bag to the hanger.

All clothing items must be on hangers so that they can be hung in the appropriate size/gender rack.  Please do not bring sets of sleepers or embellished onesies (plain, white onesies are not accepted) in Ziploc bags; rather, waterfall them on a hanger and tag them with the appropriate size.  If new in original packaging, you may affix the package to a hanger with tape, so that they may still be hung.

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PLEASE do not waste your valuable time preparing items that are not appropriate for the sale.  Sale organizers will inspect items at Consignor Drop-Off and return anything that is dirty, stained, worn, dated, or otherwise deemed unsuitable for the sale. For complete lists of items that are accepted, and those that are not, please visit the page entitled

Check for stains before tagging

Hanger like a question mark

Tags pinned on 
the right

Pin garments 
to hanger

Hanging two or three piece sets

Waterfall sets with multiple pieces

Offer accessories with outfits

Preparing Shoes...
Shoes must be exceptionally clean and show little wear -bring only your best 10 pair, regardless of size or gender.  No scuffed, worn or dirty shoes will be accepted, nor will those that are not appropriate to the season.  If the shoes can be securely attached together through the laces (or tabs on the back of the shoe) with a large safety pin, ribbon, string, or plastic zip tie, it is preferable to do so, as items generally sell better when they are not in bags or shoe boxes.  However, if there are no laces and they may not otherwise be kept together as a pair, place the shoes in a Ziploc bag with the tag taped with clear packing tape on the outside of the bag.  

Bring only 10 pairs of in-season shoes
Preparing Toys...
Toys should be very clean, in good working condition, and include all associated pieces.  Tags may be attached to soft toys with safety pins, and to plastic toys with clear packaging tape.  If a toy comes with multiple pieces, those pieces should be placed in a Ziploc bag, and then the opening of the bag should be securely taped shut with clear packing tape, with the tag taped to the outside.  Imagine your toy in the hands of an industrious little toddler and tape accordingly!  We are not responsible for lost or damaged pieces.  If the toy has multiple large pieces that cannot be bagged, try to attach them together with tape or string.  If this is not possible, use index cards to label them 1 of 2 and 2 of 2, so that they do not become disassociated. Toys typically sell very well, particularly those appropriate for ages 3 and above, so clean out those toy boxes!!

Outdoor toys, such as climbers, ride-ons, sand-boxes, etc MUST be cleaned before bringing to Consignor Drop-Off or they will not be accepted.  Give them a quick treatment with the pressure washer or hose to remove the dirt and cobwebs, and they will display nicely and sell quickly!

Tape all pieces securely together
Outdoor toys must be very clean
Preparing Books/Videos...
When attaching tags to books and videos, please use blue painter's tape (which has a more temporary hold than some other kinds of tape) to avoid ruining their covers.  Flip through the books and make sure none of the pages are torn or defaced.  Open video cases to be sure that the DVDs are present and that they are in the right cover.  When grouping sets for sale, string/ribbon is very useful for tying books and videos in bundles.  You may put them in Ziploc bags, but they typically sell better out of plastic.  Consider offering sets of board books or chapter books, rather than pricing them individually. Limited to 35 tagged items! Our book section gets very full and it is very hard to "shop" which deters buyers!

Don't ruin covers with clear tape
Preparing Games/Puzzles...
Board games and puzzles MUST include all associated pieces (please COUNT them, then write "all pieces included" on the tag so the shopper is reassured that is the case).  (We have had an increasing number of items with missing pieces, and upset buyers! If you sell something that is missing pieces, you will be assessed a $5 per item fee!) Secure the box with painter's tape (clear tape will ruin the cover) so everything stays together.  Puzzles that are not in a box (such as board puzzles) may be covered with cellophane wrap to keep the pieces in place, or put inside a Ziploc bag.  Tape the opening taped closed with clear packing tape and affix the tag to the outside of the bag.

All clothing must be on hangers

Check that all pieces are included
Preparing Bedding/Blankets...
Using natural light, inspect blankets and bedding carefully for stains.  Also, check for worn areas, pilling, or fading, as these will not be accepted at Consignor Drop-Off.  Fold baby blankets neatly and HANG on hangers, then pin to secure and attach tag.  



Hang blankets on hangers