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Sale FAQs

Questions About Shopping...

What forms of payment are accepted at the sale?
Cash is preferred to expedite check-out lines, but we are able to accept Mastercard and Visa debit and credit cards with proper photo identification.  No checks, please.
Can I bring my children to the consignment sale? 

Children are welcome during the sale's public hours.  We just ask that you keep them by your side at all times to ensure their safety.  However, if you have passes to the Pre-sale, we ask that you do not bring children.  The pre-sale will be crowded, and the hours so short that it will be difficult to effectively shop while attending to children as needed.  We apologize for any inconvenience.
How can I earn a Pre-Sale pass to shop before the general public? 

There are several different ways one can earn the opportunity to shop early for best selection.  One can become a Consignor and submit items to sell, help with the execution of the sale by becoming a Volunteer Worker, or request a First-Time Parent/Grandparent Pre-Sale pass, if your eldest child/grandchild is 12 months or younger.  Please see the Shop the Sale page of our website for more information.  We also occasionally run contests on Facebook that give our friends an opportunity to enter for a chance to win early shopping passes, so join us on FB and keep an eye out!  
Questions About Consigning...
How do I decide the best price for my items? 

The general rule for pricing is to list your items at 25-40% of the price you originally paid for them, depending on their age, quality, popularity and condition.  For example, clothing brands like Hanna Anderson, Mini Boden, and Gymboree will demand higher prices than brands from Target, Walmart, and other discount stores.  If a shopper knows that she can by a shirt from Walmart for $5 new, she is likely not going to pay $4 used at the sale.  Ask yourself, "What would I pay for this now?" and price to sell!
Are there restrictions on the items I may consign? 
Please consult the What to Bring page of our website for complete lists of items that are accepted and those that are not.  We have limitations on only a few categories of accepted items:
  • Infant clothing sized 12 months and smaller is limited to 10 items per size and gender. This means that you may bring 10 girl 0-3 mos items, 10 boy 0-3 mos pieces, 10 girl 3-6 mos items, and so on...
  • Children's shoes are limited to 10 of your best pairs, regardless of size or gender
  • Maternity clothing is limited to 10 pieces per consignor, regardless of size 
Outfits and sets of like items hung on the same hanger (ex, set of three sleepers) that are tagged and priced together count as one item. Other than the few restrictions listed above, we are happy to have as many items as you would like to bring us, as long as they are in great condition! 

Where can I find hangers?

 Some dry cleaners recycle wire hangers, so call and see if you can pick some up! Inexpensive wire hangers (in child and adult sizes) may also be purchased online, Walmart in Eugene, and possibly other discount stores, though they sold out quickly prior to our past sales.  Plastic Hangers are just fine, too! Some stores give them away by the bag full, like Old Navy and Carter's,  just call and ask! Ask friends and family members to start saving their children's hangers! Look on craigslist! Hangers are like gold in the consignment world, so start hoarding them :)

Will my hangers be returned to me after the sale? 

No, sale organizers and volunteers will not have the time to remove garments from their hangers at the time of purchase.  However, if shoppers mention that they do not want them, we offer to let them step aside after checking out and remove the hangers themselves.   We recycle most of those hangers to Consignors at Pick-Up and keep some for use during Consignor Drop-Off of the following season's sale.  Also, you will get to keep hangers from any items that you purchase from the sale and will be able to use these if you consign with us in the future! 

What can Consignors expect when they drop items off?  

Please allow 30 minutes - 1 hour to drop off (though it may take less time), depending on the number of items you are submitting.  If you are including a piece of furniture, play structure or similar item in the sale, you must assemble it at drop-off, so please allow the necessary time to do so.  Unfortunately, we do not have the staff available to assemble items for you, though we will try to assist you, if time permits.

Please bring a load of your items with you into Camp Harlow when you first arrive.  You will verify your contact information and complete any applicable waivers for child restraint devices and/or beds.  While you are checking in, we will inspect your items to ensure that they are all tagged and priced, and meet the guidelines outlined on our What to Bring and Preparing Items for Sale pages.  Any items that are not deemed appropriate for the sale will be given back to you.  We then ask that you put away your toys, books, baby equipment, etc. while we hang your clothes.  Please arrive with your clothing already sorted by GENDER and SIZE, as this will expedite the process.  We will issue you the Consignor and Guest Pre-Sale passes, and you're on your way!

What can Consignors expect when they pick up unsold items?  
All Consignors must arrange to pick up their unsold items (which will be sorted in piles by Consignor number order) on MONDAY SEPT. 25th between 3:00pm - 6:00pm.  Any items not picked up during these hours will be donated to Court-Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) of Lane County and/or Foster and Adoptive Parent Association (FAAPA) of Lane County to benefit neglected and abused children in the area. NO EXCEPTIONS! We must vacate Camp Harlow Sunday, so we are unable to hold items for pick-up at a later time.  If you are unable to collect your items yourself, please arrange for someone to do so for you, then let us know who is authorized to do so.

What percentage of the sales does the Consignor make on their items?  

Consignors keep 70% of the selling price from each of their items sold, while itty bitty boutique keeps a modest 30% of the proceeds.  However, if you become a Volunteer Worker, you may be eligible to receive 75-80% commission on your sales.  Please see our Volunteer Worker page for more details. 

What is the $15 consignor fee used for? 
Will it be waived if I do not sell many items?  

The administration fees help to pay a portion of the sale's overhead, including the nine day location rental, printing costs, advertising fees, cost of sale supplies/equipment, and other necessary expenditures. Those expenses that cannot be met with this fee are paid for with the 30% commission itty bitty boutique earns from Consignor sales. An event of this magnitude is very expensive to organize, and we simply would not be able to do so without each participant contributing his/her share.  Every Consignor is afforded the same access to the rental space, the advertising, and the supplies necessary to execute the event, regardless of the number of items they choose to submit to the sale. For this reason, we are unable to waive the administration fee for those who choose not to submit many items for sale, or do not sell many of the items they do bring.  We appreciate your understanding of our need to cover expenses, and ask that you consider whether you have enough items to justify the administration fee before registering as a Consignor. 

Do I need to consign in order to be a Volunteer Worker? 

No, we have many Volunteers that are not Consignors.  They choose to work with us for the opportunity to shop ahead of the Consignors, and also because they enjoy participating in the sale!
Questions About Volunteering...
I have a physical limitation that prevents me from performing certain tasks...is it possible for me to still volunteer? 

We have many volunteers who are pregnant and have medical or orthopedic issues, and we are ALWAYS able to find roles for willing volunteers!  Please contact us to let us know your concerns, and we will find an appropriate work shift that will suit your needs.